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Life Hacks: Self Myofascial Release Tools To Use At Home

If you’re wondering where you can get some myofascial release tools, perhaps you should start looking in your own home.

So you’re new to the idea of self myofascial release tools and using the best foam roller, myofascial release lacrosse ball, and many more self release tools. This article will show you how to use some items around the house to get into the routine of taking care of your body. Self myofascial release techniques are easier than you think!

Use your Broom Stick like a rolling pin

Probably best to remove the head first but once you’ve done that you have yourself a dowel. You can use this for rolling out muscles (like a rolling pin). It can be used in areas where you may experience muscular tension and pain such as your legs, glutes or neck. Working on an area for a couple minutes is ideal or until you feel a softening of the tissue.


Use the wall to help with stretching

We all have these and they are great if you want to stretch your upper body like your pecs, rotator cuff and back. Holding stretches for 45 seconds while varying the angles of your body will give you the best results

Use a frozen water bottle like a foam roller

Ideally this should be metal or heavy duty plastic. You can use these on specific tender areas on large muscle groups like your glutes or where you may feel leg pain. Find those local stubborn knots and wait 90 seconds or so for the tissues to release.  

Tennis Balls can be used like a lacrosse ball

Hopefully you have 2 of these because we have a tip on a self myofascial release tennis ball trick! Put them into a clean sock and tie off the end. You’ve now made what is called a “peanut”. Use this by placing it segmentally along your spine from your low back up into the base of your head. This is great for managing any cervical tension or pain. Stay in each area for a minute or two.

Using self myofascial release tools at home on a regular basis can help prevent the buildup of tension and stiffness in your body. They are great if you are experiencing some hip pain or leg pain due to limited flexibility or lack of mobility and can be a great addition to your pain management strategy.