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Dr. Kevin Marryshow

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Why Wait For The Pain?


The misconception is that pain is the only indicator of injury and that without pain, all systems are a go. While this fantasy world would be amazing to live in if our bodies worked like that, reality reveals otherwise.

Currently, we walk around in optimal function, knowing that the onset of pain means something is wrong. The problem with this notion is that it paints a picture of pain being black and white. However, the story of our bodies and the idea of pain lies on a continuum.

The graphic above depicts mostly everyone’s perception – we are either in pain or not in pain.

In actuality, it looks a lot more like this:

This more realistic trajectory showcases how we live on a continuum. Once we leave an area of no pain, there is a long distance of breakdown that our body endures before we ever experience degrees of discomfort.

If you tweaked your thinking about pain, there is a good chance you’d get favorable results.With any injury, such as an ankle sprain, you quickly move along the continuum from “no pain” “to “pain.”  However, the majority of pain is usually described as, “The pain slowly came on, and things just got worse until I couldn’t deal with it anymore.” As therapists, we hear these stories daily.

If you tweaked your thinking about pain, there is a good chance you’d net favourable results.

Picture it like this. You’re driving your clean, detailed car around the block. You decide to go off-road because you believe your vehicle can withstand the elements. You stop to fill up your gas tank and notice some dirt starting to accumulate on the side of your car.  Do you consider it dirty? Probably not because the majority of the car is still clean. You do what most of us would and get back on the dirt road, even though it’s now raining, and the dirt is quickly turning into mud. After your off-road adventure, you finally get home and realize your car is now in dire need of a power wash.  You go inside,  take a nap, and hope your car is magically sparkling by the time you need to use it again. Unfortunately, the layer of mud just got thicker and hardened. Now you’re thinking, “if only I had washed it when I first saw the dirt accumulate.”

UUltimately, it’s your choice where you decide to take charge of the situation on the continuum. But the reality is, the longer you let a mess fester, the more stubborn it is to clean. Your body is a work of art, but it also works by the same principles.

TThere are many ways to uncover whether your body is living day to day with no pain. There are many ways to identify if your shoulder is in perfect condition, or if it’s ready to take on any load, or if it’s on a dirt road, piled with mud. A shoulder in pain is a shoulder that has been off-roading, and you ignored the fact you should take it to the car wash.

So instead of chasing the pain, get ahead of it by including regular maintenance sessions as part of your routine.

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Michael Bercasio

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Trust Your Struggle

While we all want to make it big, there is a chance we may fail or fall down along the way. That’s fine, just make sure to welcome the idea with open arms.

After five years as a physiotherapist, I decided to leave my cushy job at a clinic and do independent housecalls. It was nerve-wracking because when I left, I had only two patients. But I just stuck with it and committed to providing the best treatment every single time.  I worked day and night. Twelve hours a day, seven days a week.  If you had an injury, I would be there.

Two years later, I ended up with a client list amassing a couple of hundred of patients.

During this time, I began mixing traditional therapy techniques with personal training exercises and just blending whatever I thought made sense at the time. For the following two years, I worked independently just trying to figure out the matrix of the human body.

But one day I broke my hand, and I felt helpless. It was the one body part that helped propel me throughout my career. Just like that, my abilities were taken away from me. So I decided to take time off to pursue medical school because, as a therapist, I felt like my knowledge and treatments plateaued. While studying for the MCATS,  I ended up taking a course in Manual Therapy, and it fascinated me, but while it was informative, I felt there was more to Manual Therapy.  I ended up stumbling upon a book by Travell and Simons on trigger points and dove right into it.  For the next eight months, I was on a mission to “figure out” out trigger points by pressing randomly on patients and observing their reaction. Sometimes the results were good, but sometimes it was bad. During this time, I started seeing patterns of trigger points that released certain muscles and solved particular problems.  I didn’t understand why, but I soon discovered that muscles were more interrelated than what I was taught.  That was the moment when Myodetox was born.

But the idea of Myodetox all changed when my girlfriend told me about this Instagram fitness celebrity, Timbahwolf and how he had some back pain. After hitting him up on Instagram, he came to see me, and he was in rough shape. He was limping, but after one Myodetox session, he was feeling 100% better.  He was beyond surprised and gave me this, “who the hell are you?” kind of look, and he encouraged me to push my work through Instagram.

Inspired by his belief in me, I decided to go to LA and randomly connect with other fitness influencers and show them what I could do. They had no idea who I was, but I was determined to prove to them that Myodetox could solve a lot of their pains.

It wasn’t easy to just go somewhere and to put yourself out there like that, not knowing the result and allowing people to judge your craft; it was frightening. Up until that point, it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

I then continued that mission in New York, but at first, it was a disaster.  I was roaming the streets of NY with my luggage, with nowhere to go because my friend, who I was going to stay with, was delayed flying back to New York. But the morning after that, everything just fell into place.  People had heard of me through the grapevine and my phone just kept ringing that day. It was just clockwork. I would connect with people and just treat them. Myodetox is black or white. Can you fix me –  Yes or No?  My job was to get a “yes” after every single Myodetox Session.

Now, here I am. In less than two years, I have opened up three Myodetox locations with plans to expand even more clinics; I have a committed and talented staff of Myodetox Therapists to treat our clients, and I have a full-time operations and creative team to help push the boundaries of this industry. Most importantly, we’ve been able to heal so many people and helped change their lives for the better. That’s the greatest gift.

Did I dream of all of this? Of course. Did I know what I was doing 100% of the times? Not really. Was I nervous and scared? For sure. Am I still trying to figure it out? Believe it!

I have learned a lot of things throughout my journey. Even if you plan every single detail out, you never know what is going to happen. All you can do is show up. If you don’t, it’s simple, you won’t make it. Don’t be afraid to go after it. You have to be like the sailor crossing the Atlantic, stay the course.  If there are storms, just batten down the hatches, and trust where the wind and waves will take you.

The only thing you can do is keep the faith and enjoy the ride.