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Relieve Low Back Pain With These Work From Home Exercises

While we all find ourselves adjusting to the new normal, your workspace is now your home, and today, you’re putting in up to eight hours of work on your couch, bed, or kitchen counter.

While you adapt to your new setting, you may experience tightness in the low back and soreness through the hip. Sometimes it may feel like there’s a discomfort in the hip as it travels down the back of the leg.

While this pain can often be mistaken for sciatica, medically, it’s known as pseudo sciatica or piriformis syndrome. All of these signs and symptoms are results of mechanical back pain, due to weak muscles in the hips and core.

To help protect your body from low back pain, we put together a series of exercises that you can do while working from home.

Standing Cat Cow
Girl with one leg pressed against wall
Start position Round your shoulders and look down. You’ll begin to feel the stretch between your shoulder blades.

End position Lookup, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your shoulders back until you feel the stretch in your chest or the front of your neck

Complete 10 reps, 3 x.

Hip Hinge
Girl squatting with kettlebell

Start position Hinge at the hips to sit back, keeping a slight bend in your knees. Reach your arms up beside your ears.

End position Standing up strong by squeezing your hip muscles, pulling your arms down to your side and your shoulders back.

Complete 10 reps, 3 x.

The W
Girl with one leg pressed against wall
Start position Start by standing with both arms overhead in the shape of a ‘Y.’

End position As if pulling down on something, squeeze the elbows to your sides, and your shoulder blades down your back. End in the shape of a ‘W.’

Complete 10 reps, 3 x.