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Press Release Vancouver Physio Room Partners with Myodetox

August 2017

Physio Room unites with Myodetox to attain success on one mission – to heal the world by revamping the entire rehab industry.


July 28, 2017 – Award-winning Vancouver based clinics, Physio Room, has partnered to join Toronto’s premium manual therapy brand, Myodetox.

Together, both Myodetox and Physio Room intend on becoming the most innovative healthcare company to create more momentum and re-shape the rehab industry.

“We strive to push our industry forward and improve on what we have already both done so well these past few years,” says Nick Lo, Owner of Physio Room. “Client care is our utmost priority and we are going to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for our clients.”

As part of the process, existing Physio Room clinics will be remodelled under the Myodetox branding. With unique clinic designs, combined with an approach of delivering a premium treatment and customer experience, Myodetox Vancouver aims to continue the progress Physio Room has established in the Northern Pacific market.

“Physio Room is a community fixture within the Vancouver market, and there was no better company to partner with as we continue our West Coast expansion,” says Scott Marcaccio, CEO of Myodetox. “We share the same values, mission and goals, and by working together we’re able to make a broader impact within the rehab space.”

The transition will not affect current Physio Room operations as there will be no major interruptions in clinic operations. Clients will still receive the same high quality treatment for physiotherapy and massage therapy that they are accustomed to, plus the added services of chiropractic and an expanded scope of manual therapy services from Myodetox.

A third location in the Vancouver market is currently under renovation and it’s slated to open late 2017. This will be the first location after the announcement of the partnership.


Michael Bercasio
Brand Manager

About Myodetox

Founded in 2014, Myodetox was created with one sole purpose – to heal the world by inspiring and empowering today’s world to listen to their bodies for a better future; Hence, the company’s slogan ‘FutureProof Your Body’. The company’s unique manual therapy system and model of care incorporates the three disciplines of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy and is offered exclusively at Myodetox clinics. Apart from the company’s curated approach to therapy, Myodetox is disrupting the rehab industry by enhancing the client experience for all existing and new clinics by setting the new standard of expectations for all clients.

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About Physio Room

Founded in 2011, Physio Room is an industry leading Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy company in Vancouver, BC.  At Physio Room, the philosophy is simple: treat people, not pain.  The company focuses exclusively on hands-on manual therapy, needling techniques, and movement retraining.  Physio Room strives to be the best in quality care, but also fully understands the importance of client experience.  As such, Physio Room has consistently won the award for Best Physiotherapy in Vancouver through multiple publications.

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