By doing some simple preparation before your Myodetox session such as filling out the online intake form, and making sure to wear the right clothing to your appointment, your Myodetox Therapist will be ready to bring you back to feeling and performing at your best.

Read more below on what you can do and expect before, during, and after your Myodetox appointment.

Step One

Prior to your appointment

Fill out the online intake from your appointment confirmation email. If you can’t get to it, you can do it at the clinic, but make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior. Completing it beforehand helps your therapist be more prepared and deliver you a better session.

Your body needs some love! Keep well hydrated before and after your session for the best results, and try not to eat any heavy meals for the hour before your appointment.

We believe in an open concept clinic, so our treatment tables aren’t enclosed by drapes. However, if you prefer a private Myodetox Session, no sweat! Make sure to let us know when booking your appointment.

Make sure to wear short, shorts (think 80s-style… well, ideally), and a sports bra, tank top or t-shirt. Oh, by the way, smelling so fresh and so clean wouldn’t hurt either.

Myodetox Sessions are one hour long and you may experience some pain during the treatment. But don’t worry, it’s a good pain and rest assured, you will experience results from your very first session.

Step Two

During your Myodetox appointment

The BodyScan is where it all starts! After a review of your history and goals, your initial session begins by assessing your body’s relationship with gravity to better understand your Alignment.

From this point, your Myodetox Therapist will start to work with your body to release tension and restore balance to the fascia structure and other soft tissues using manual therapy. As your Alignment changes, we’ll also start to mobilize and unlock certain joints in order to improve your Articulation, especially around any problem areas.

The BodyMap is where together, we devise a clear plan to solve any issues causing pain or locking up your performance and move you into Action (a.k.a. getting you back to doing what you love to do without any limitations).

Each patient case varies and your Myodetox Therapist can give you a more accurate timeframe following your initial appointment, but generally you’ll experience significant results as follows:

Minor: 3-5 Myodetox Sessions
Major: 5-10 Myodetox Sessions
Complex: 10-15+ Myodetox Sessions

Step Three

After your sesssion

Good question. Make sure to discuss this with your Myodetox Therapist during your session to plan around a busy training schedule, otherwise, it’s always best to take the rest of the day off and let your body recover (you deserve it).

You may feel sore or slight discomfort after your Myodetox session, but don’t worry, soreness for a couple days after treatment is completely normal. As your body gets used to the Myodetox style of therapy and you come more consistently, you’ll feel less soreness following your treatment.

A good Myodetox session is like a good workout – you need to keep recovery in mind. Stay consistent with your fluid intake to assist in the recovery of your complaint areas and to help your body stay hydrated. Same applies to sleep, try your best to get a good night’s rest following your treatment to reap the most benefits and help your body heal.

If you like how your body is feeling, don’t keep it a secret. Make sure to spread the love to your family and friends and let them know what they’re missing. We always love getting a thank you via social media as well, make sure to tag @myodetox so we can give you emoji high fives.

Product Belief Guarantee

We stand behind our product 100%, but most importantly, we believe in having the best interest of one person – you. We guarantee that we will work hard to the utmost detail, and treat you with honesty and integrity as we work together to bring back the new you!

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