Mara Berris

Interim Physiotherapist

Mara Berris

Interim Physiotherapist

Conscientious | Empathic | Patient

Mara completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at McMaster University and her Bachelor of Science, in Biomedical Science, at the University of Guelph. Mara was able to share her passion for anatomy, and hone her teaching skills, as an educator in an outreach program that taught human anatomy to high-school and college students. Mara has also gained extensive experience working with clients who have had serious upper extremity injuries, resulting in surgical intervention.

Mara enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness backgrounds. You will work together to identify your goals and a manageable plan that fits into your routine. Mara knows, from both firsthand experience and from her work as a personal trainer, that it can take time to develop a love for exercise. Her sessions include education, manual therapy, and personalized exercises to help you reach your goals and have fun while doing it!

Outside of the clinic, Mara enjoys skiing, biking, and hiking with her dogs Willow and Lyla. She also loves cooking and baking french pastries. It’s all about balance, right?

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