Matthew Ney

Interim Physiotherapist

Matthew Ney

Interim Physiotherapist

Enthusiastic | Motivated | Passionate

Matthew received his Doctor of Physiotherapy after completing studies at Bond University, on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. Previously, he obtained his Bachelor degree in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia.

Matt has a robust background in strength and conditioning which includes internships with the Vancouver Whitecaps and the UBC Women’s Varsity Rugby team as well as working as a strength and conditioning coach. Matt will facilitate strengthening your mental and physical resilience in order to help you return to living the active and full life you desire.

Matt aims to empower individuals by promoting self-efficacy and building confidence in movement. When implementing a management plan, he endeavours to integrate best practice interventions whilst working towards your specific goals. Matt considers providing clear and concise explanations, throughout your journey, to be of paramount importance.

Growing up on Vancouver Island Matt has a passion for being outdoors and is constantly on the lookout for a body of water to cannonball into. When not in the clinic Matt enjoys hiking and riding bikes with his dog Matilda.

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