All about Insurance

Understand how to use your plan.


Step 1

We verify and share your benefits.

Step 2

You pay upfront for your session.

Step 3

We directly bill your insurance company for you to
make sure you can access your maximum potential reimbursement.

Step 4

You’ll receive reimbursement directly from your insurance company –
the amount depends on your plan.

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Insurance FAQ's

Our services are covered by most insurance plans, but your coverage will depend on your specific plan since we are an Out-of-Network Provider. We can take down your insurance information, verify your benefits, and bill your insurance company directly after each of your sessions to help you claim any potential reimbursement.

It may take up to 24 hours to verify your benefits (though this process typically takes a few hours). We can provide you with your benefits information when you arrive at your first session. Due to HIPAA regulations, we are not able to send benefits verification over email at this time.

Payment for services is due in-full upfront and any reimbursement will be processed by your insurance provider.

You should expect to receive a check in the mail with any potential reimbursement. This process usually takes around 4-6 weeks, but could be sooner or longer depending on your plan.

Your potential reimbursement is dependent on your plan and your individual benefits. Please contact your plan provider for more information.

For new clients, there will be a section in your general intake form when you book your first session.

For returning clients, please give our clinic a call or speak to us at your next session!

Brentwood at +1 (925) 430-6630

Studio City at +1 (323) 826 -5277

West Hollywood at +1 (323) 831-2455

Your insurance provider will make a determination on the amount per invoice they will reimburse depending on your specific plan. Please contact your plan provider with any follow-up questions.

Give us a call! Our team is more than happy to answer your questions.

Brentwood at +1 (925) 430-6630

Studio City at +1 (323) 826 -5277

West Hollywood at +1 (323) 831-2455

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