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How To Spoon Without Shoulder Pain

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How To Spoon Without Shoulder Pain

So you have your evening planned with dinner reservations, some drinks, followed by some alone time spent at home.

I’m sure a romantic night with your significant other will involve some spooning, but cuddle time with your partner could result in back and shoulder pain the morning after.

Here is your 4 step guide on how to avoid shoulder pain after an evening of spooning.


Think about your shoulder position

  • Spooning can put your arm in significant protraction and put a lot of stress on your shoulder. Before you settle into your spooning position, put your shoulder in a better position by creating more shoulder retraction to create better alignment.


Add durability to your shoulders 

To help bulletproof your shoulders for cuddling sessions, incorporate more shoulder stabilizing workouts.

  • Plank – Perform 30s hold / three sets
  • Row – Perform ten reps/ three sets


Take turns being the little spoon

  • I know the man usually sets the tone for the cuddling position, which usually involves playing the big spoon. But who’s to say only one person has to play the “little spoon” role in the relationship? By switching roles, you will provide a break for your shoulders and lessen the stress for each of you.


Switch positions

  • We all have our preferred position, regardless if it is right for you or not. If you regularly sleep on your right side a couple of times a week, you should challenge yourself to switch sides. Same goes for tonight’s spooning session. If you slept on your left last night, try to cuddle laying on your right side.