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Our Founder’s Interview

“There’s no such thing as a company, it’s a shared belief.”
-Scott Marcaccio, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Who started Myodetox?
What was it like at the beginning?
How has it evolved?
Where will Myodetox be in 25 years?

Discover the founding vision behind Myodetox.

What’s the Founder’s Interview about?
During this interview, our Head of Purpose + Communications, Kevin Marryshow dives deep into the grounding vision of our co-founders, Vinh Pham and Scott Marccacio.

Vinh and Scott walk us through their journey from starting with one clinic in Toronto to opening 13 in just 8 years. They get real about the struggles, doubts, and triumphs they encountered along the way. What started as a crazy dream became a mission-driven company with a lofty ambition to teach and inspire the world to make movement health a daily habit.

“Back in the day, it was a dollar and a dream. Truth is… it was no dollar and a dream.”
-Vinh Pham, Co-Founder

A lot has changed at Myodetox in 8 years. This interview uncovers the evolution the company has taken and the expansion our Founders see for the future.

Did you know Myodetox is the first-ever physical therapy clinic to expand internationally?
How did they do it? What drove them then and what keeps driving them now?
Where do they envision Myodetox being in 25 years?

Watch our Founder’s Interview to find out

Our Founder's Interview

Inspired to join the Myodetox team?
We’re currently hiring in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. Our team is dedicated to making movement health a daily habit for everybody. If this mission sounds like one you’d like to join, apply today!

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