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It’s Time You Fix Your Arch Without Orthotics

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It’s Time You Fix Your Arch Without Orthotics


I’m going against the popular belief that orthotics is the answer for your foot woes.

I’m not saying orthotics don’t work, and they don’t relieve people’s pain. They do, but I come from the school of thought that manual therapy and some foot exercises can fix your feet naturally.

All arches of the foot are sustained together by from the soft tissues surrounding it. Therefore, if your medial longitudinal arch is flat [aka flat feet], why try to create a fake arch, when you can release the foot and elevate the arch by manual therapy?

Stop letting these inserts do the work, and let your feet do the job for your arch.

Balance the four arches of the foot (Lateral longitudinal arch, Medial longitudinal arch, Proximal transverse arch and Distal transverse arch) and you can get rid of your orthotics once and for all, all the while save you some money at the same time!