Our Story

The Beginning

When you experience an injury or pain, or you want to actively perform better, it’s difficult to understand who you should see. Vinh Pham, a physical therapist, and Scott Marcaccio, his patient, both understood this was a frustration many people shared.

Knowing there was a better alternative, Myodetox was started in 2015 – a clinic with a team of expert therapists that leverage our system of manual therapy and movement programming designed to get you out of pain and moving at your full potential.

Through thousands of hours of development, our Myodetox system offers a personalized treatment framework that optimizes your body with a fresh approach.

As the first lifestyle therapy brand, Myodetox now has 10 locations throughout the US and Canada and is leading today’s conversation on why taking care of your body is essential to your daily life.

Summer 2014

Vinh Pham opens MVMT Clinic to offer a manual therapy and movement system he's developed through his years working as a physical therapist. Scott Marcaccio is one of his early patients.

Spring 2015

Myodetox's CEO, Scott Marcaccio, joins the company full time. MVMT Clinic relaunches as Myodetox, and the two co-founders quickly open a second location in Toronto in response to strong demand.

Fall 2016

Widespread brand awareness around Myodetox rapidly gains momentum on social media, resulting in a number of high-profile partnerships with Nike, OVO Bounce, and Lululemon.

Summer 2017

Myodetox expands outside of Toronto for the first time, opening multiple locations in Vancouver, Canada.

Fall 2018

International ambition leads to a Myodetox flagship clinic opening in the heart of West Hollywood, California.