Jackie Rosales

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jackie Rosales

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jackie Rosales is a Massage Therapist from Los Angeles, where her journey into holistic health began. Graduating from the National Holistic Institute in Studio City, CA, she has honed a unique approach to therapy that emphasizes the holistic connection between body, mind, and spirit. Jackie’s practice focuses on healing and transformation, believing every touch can catalyze positive change.

Known for her holistic and targeted wellness approach, Jackie specializes in Pre & Post Natal Care, relief for Desk Workers, Low Back, Glute, Hip Pain, and TMJ issues. She advocates for a lifestyle of self-care and mindfulness, incorporating daily practices that support overall well-being. Her passions outside work, like reconnecting with nature, homemade matcha, and film photography, mirror her commitment to a balanced life. Fluent in Spanish, Jackie’s sessions are inclusive, fostering a welcoming environment for diverse clients seeking holistic healing.

Special interests

  • Pre & Post natal care
  • TMJ
  • Desk Workers
  • Low Back Pain

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May 30, 2024

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