Josh Chen


Josh Chen


Josh Chen obtained his Master’s of Physical Therapy from UBC, where he also completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology. In addition to his physiotherapy career, he has over a decade of experience teaching yoga. This background as a movement specialist informs his treatment as a therapist, and you can expect a very hands-on, focused approach when working with Josh.

Josh makes an effort to listen to his client’s stories and goals at every step of the way. This guides his treatments, which include a combination of manual therapy, tailored exercise programs, postural retraining, and ergonomic education. Dry needling (IMS) is also available with Josh on an as-needed basis.

Josh has a special interest in treating dizziness/vertigo, whiplash and injuries from motor vehicle accidents, as well as disorders of the neck and shoulder. He also speaks conversational Mandarin.

Outside of the clinic, some things that bring him joy include teaching yoga, HIIT workouts, board games, and good food.

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