Marcus Collins

Registered Massage Therapist

Marcus Collins

Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Marcus – a Registered Massage Therapist driven by a love for sprinting and health education. His practice centers around patient care, with a strong emphasis on the importance of initial assessments in addressing daily postural habits that may contribute to discomfort.

Marcus firmly believes in the synergy of cardio and strength training for achieving fitness goals. He also places great value on enhancing joint mobility and optimizing movement patterns to make physical activity more efficient.

Dedicated to growth, Marcus actively pursues ongoing education and collaborates with both his clinical team and patients. His extensive experience allows him to develop treatment plans rooted in establishing a strong foundation.

During his downtime, Marcus enjoys running, discovering new music, and embarking on spontaneous road trips with no specific destination in mind.

Special interests

  • Running
  • TMJ
  • Desk Workers

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