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Are you a therapist who's passionate about helping people become next level humans? We want to meet you.

Champions of Growth

Therapists that are committed to clinical excellence, love their work and are always looking for ways to better themselves are our people.

If this sounds like you, we want to get in touch. We’re looking to chat with Physical Therapists & Chiropractors (Canada and US) & Registered Massage Therapists (Canada only) who are looking to make a difference. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet one-on-one with our leadership team and get the inside scoop on how to join Myodetox.



What to Expect

This is your opportunity to share with us who you are and what you can bring to the team here at Myodetox. Be prepared to talk about what you’re looking for, what you need to be successful and what excites you about a clinic environment.

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Kevin Marryshow

Chiropractor and Regional Director, Toronto

I believe that Myodetox is a place that fosters a strong culture of development both personally and professionally. If a company that integrates a culture of commitment to clinical excellence, community and teamwork is something that excites you, we’d love to have you as a team member.

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Jessie Wong

Physiotherapist and Regional Director, Vancouver

At Myodetox we’re all therapists that are driven by the idea of bettering ourselves. Whether that’s having a curious mind to learn more, dedicating themselves to helping others, or sharing their knowledge, that type of energy is exciting to be around. Working with the team at Myodetox feels like you’re hanging out with friends, doing good things and helping people.

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Kurt Hoverson

Chiropractor and Regional Director, Los Angeles

Myodetox is the combination of what most clinics and studios offer all under one roof. Yet, the biggest difference is the level of support and mentorship that is offered to the therapists at each can’t compare it.

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