We provide hands-on myofascial treatment and corrective exercise. Our approach reduces pain, improves the way you move, and prevents future injuries.

The Myodetox Clinic Health and Safety Standard

We’ve implemented several changes in how we operate. ‘Think Inside The Box’ is a series of visual markers within the clinic on where to stand, sit, and sanitize. Over time, we’ll be attentively listening to our clients and teams to fine-tune and improve our clinics continually.

We’re staggering session times to minimize overcrowding and we’re implementing a strict maximum capacity rule to ensure that we limit the number of individuals in the clinic at once.

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Expert Therapists That Understand Your Needs

Our therapists are all licensed health care professionals who can diagnose what your body is telling you and provide treatment to help reduce pain, correct posture, decrease tension, and improve the way you move.


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