No longer convinced each patient case be should assessed the same as typical industry protocol, Toronto-based physiotherapist Vinh Pham was certain there was a better solution. Seeing things different than the industry norm, it was in late 2013 when Vinh Pham created what ultimately became the Myodetox system of manual therapy.

He opened his first clinic location in June 2014 as the exclusive provider of Myodetox, creating a space where he could teach his method while continuing to service his personal clients.
Scott Marcaccio joined Myodetox as Director of Operations in October 2014 after having been a long-time patient of Vinh Pham.


Myodetox is focused on helping individuals live pain free and move at their full potential.

We’re in constant pursuit to educate people on the benefits of listening to their body to avoid future injuries and eliminate the daily wear and tear it endures. While our goal is squarely set on the wellness of each person, we intend to disrupt the entire rehab industry by showing people what is possible.

We believe keeping up with life shouldn’t be an obstacle to fulfilling your potential. By constantly pushing the boundaries of our manual therapy system and treating individual cases as effectively as possible, we are improving an industry that for too long has been stuck in trying to fix complex problems with one dimensional fixes.


It’s a big deal for us to be a transparent company and hold the highest morals, not just for ourselves, but most importantly, for you. Early on, we wrote down the top eight things that were true to us and that we live by. While we will continue to grow and expand, these core values will always keep us grounded. We promise, you can hold us to that.

Move with Purpose
Be driven, goal-oriented, and always moving forward.

Be sincere, genuine, and transparent.

Build Family
Build trusting and lasting relationships through being relatable, empathetic and care so much it hurts. Be reliable for your team and clients, and work collaboratively to support each other. Have each other’s back.

Innovate.  Always.
Do things that have never been done before, and be brave and curious about new ideas. Remember that we are on a mission to change the world. Never stop learning and pushing each other to improve.

Create Moments.
Pay attention to every detail and go above and beyond whenever possible to create a unique experience for your client to tell all their friends about. Make every experience one to remember. Make lasting impressions.

Know Yourself
Be able to give and receive constructive criticism without becoming defensive or judgemental. Know what you’re not good at and find methods and mentors to develop yourself around or above your weaknesses. Embrace setbacks and mistakes as learning experiences.

Take The Reins
Be a self-starter with a sense of urgency. Implement great ideas quickly. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you to take action or give you permission. Don’t wait for answers, go seek them out. Be a problem solver that leads without a title.

Be someone that creates an atmosphere of Fun, Laughter, and Infectious Energy. Live a balanced and healthy lifestyle to be an example to those around you.

The Myodetox System

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