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Improve the way you move, and live pain free, so you can continue to do the things you love.

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Myodetox makes taking care of your body easy. Our expert therapists provide hands-on therapy and corrective exercises to keep you feeling better, longer.

Our Expert Therapists are here to prevent risk of injuries.

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Myodetox has helped me learn more about my body. I feel stronger and also love that I’m no longer sore 24/7.
Chloe KimOlympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder.
I’ve been going to Myodetox for monthly tune-ups and my body feels so much looser when I’m performing on stage.
Jessie ReyezMusic Recording Artist
My first treatment at Myodetox changed my life instantly. After only one session, my body felt dramatically different.
Kirsty GodsoNike Master Trainer
<strong>Chloe Kim</strong>Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder.
<strong>Jessie Reyez</strong>Music Recording Artist
<strong>Kirsty Godso</strong>Nike Master Trainer

Reduce Pain

We specialize in minimizing joint, muscle, and nerve pain. Our expert therapists are here to solve whatever issue you may be facing while decreasing tension in your muscles.

Prevent Injuries

Life moves fast and your body shouldn’t slow you down. Our FutureProof Program includes regular tune-ups so you can maintain your body and protect it from breaking down.

Recover Faster

Our full-body treatment approach helps alleviate the root cause of your discomfort, so you can get back to your routine quicker.

Expert Therapists That Understand Your Needs

Our therapists are all licensed health care professionals who can diagnose what your body is telling you and provide treatment to help reduce pain, correct posture, decrease tension, and improve the way you move.

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