Tatham Johnson

Massage Therapist

Tatham Johnson

Massage Therapist

Creative | Curious | Energetic

cup ofTatham Johnson originally from Sydney, Australia and has called Vancouver for over 9 years. Studied massage therapy at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) and graduated with academic distinction on the Dean’s List.

Tatham believes in the importance of in-depth assessment of posture, movement and lines of tension to ensure a focused, safe and effective treatment. Tatham uses fascial, trigger point and neuromuscular techniques. His includes guidance on a plan of self-care stretches and exercises to continue working towards mobility, stability and strength while remaining free from pain and dysfunction.

Tatham enjoys hiking, snowboarding and olympic lifting. You can find Tatham enjoying a cup of coffee or craft beer in East Van, working out at his favourite gym or tinkering away on new computer game ideas at home.

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