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We aim to inspire people to live a better life by taking care of their body but that ambitious goal starts with a dedicated and passionate team. We are always seeking talented individuals to join our team and make a difference in people’s lives.

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callout icon Brand Partnership Discounts

Our team benefits from the relationships we build in our communities. We offer you exclusive discounts with our family of brand partners.

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callout icon Competitive Compensation

We take pride in offering competitive compensation so you can benefit the most in your career.

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callout icon Wellness Perks

We believe in offering you some personal time as life can get busy. So we offer a sweat program, through our partners, which provides access to various wellness facilities across each region.

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callout icon Mentorship and Support

Whatever career path you follow, we provide 1-on-1 mentorship to help you grow into your role. We believe in empowering you through education so you can thrive in your career.

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callout icon Growth Potential

We're carving out a new lane in our industry, which affords us new opportunities. We offer development program so you can explore exciting, new careers paths within our company.

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callout icon Brand Activation Opportunities

We connect with our community through , we provide all team members opportunities to be building relationships and to explore and find new connections.

Myodetox Therapist Career Roadmap

At Myodetox, we rely on talented, driven and ambitious individuals to help push our company forward. You are our number one investment, and we dedicate our resources to you. We set out to develop your skills and put you in the best position to succeed, so your career path has every opportunity to grow within all areas of the company.

We Live Through Our Values

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callout icon Teach Others

We aim to make a difference in people's lives by educating and empowering others to live healthier so they can lead a life with unlimited potential.

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callout icon Reinvent Yourself Every Year

Don't stay stagnant, keep pushing yourself, stay humble and keep innovating.

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callout icon Build Your Community

A family-first atmosphere is essential to our beliefs of building a great company. We dream big but strive to build a team culture that is grassroots.

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callout icon Embrace Individuality

Trust your perspective, lead your life with purpose that defines you and above all else, do the right thing.

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callout icon Know Your Why

Let your passion and personal determination to make an impact on people’s lives be your North Star.

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callout icon Collaborate and Lead

Work as a team, lead as a winner. There are no individual victories because an accomplishment is more significant when it's achieved together.

Current Openings

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If you admire our culture and are you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, we’d love to meet you. Don’t see anything that 100% matches your skills? Introduce yourself!