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Level Up Your Golf Swing

We are providing golfers of all levels a high quality program to optimize body mechanics and enhance their game.

Own the Tee is a 4-week program, led by a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified therapist, that is structured specifically to learn how to move and swing more efficiently and reduce injuries.

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Week 1
90-Minute Initial TPI Golf Assessment
Week 2-4
3 x 60-Minute Subsequent Golf Specific Therapy Sessions

Own the Tee Package: $999

Savings of $150

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How TPI Certified Therapists Help Your Golf Game

Whether you just picked up golf or you’re a pro, knowing how to optimize your body movement for a more efficient & consistent swing is key. Performing an efficient golf swing requires mobility and stability. Working with a therapist can create more space and body awareness to help improve the quality of your movement. Let’s shave a few strokes off your game!


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