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Avoid Hip Pain By Adding Three Exercises To Your Daily Routine

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Avoid Hip Pain By Adding Three Exercises To Your Daily Routine

Many things can cause hip pain, such as previous injuries, prolonged periods spent sitting, hip/pelvis alignment, and decreased hip mobility.

Pain can be present anywhere around the hip, but the most common areas are the front or side. You might also experience a decreased range of motion in your hip due to pain and tight or weak muscles. You may even notice limping while walking and have trouble bearing weight on the painful leg.

You are most likely to experience hip pain if you sit for long periods, have recently picked up a new sport/ activity/ exercise (ex. running), or if you already suffer from back pain due to altered movement patterns.

In most cases, the treatment can also serve as a form of prevention for hip pain! The goal is to return as much range of motion as possible to the hip, then learn to control and keep that motion.

The following exercises are intended to be down 2-3x/day and prioritizing at least one session right before a workout.

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Start position Knees bent and upper body reclined back, with arms supporting.

End position Rotate knees to one-side, trying to keep your chest “tall and proud”. Then repeat on your other side.

You should feel tension on the side and back of your hip.

Complete 10 reps, 2x each direction.

Hip Flexor-Hamstring Stretch
Guy doing hip flexor stretch

Start positionHalf-kneeling position, squeeze glute of back leg and drive knee forward.

TIP: If you feel pain in your low back, you’re going too far.

End position Sit back on your heel and keep your front leg straight as you fold your spine forward.

You should feel a stretch through the front of your kneeling leg and a stretch through the back of your front leg.

Complete 8 reps, 3x each leg

Guy doing load exercise
Start position Split-stance position, with equal weight between both legs; both feet flat.

End position Move your body forward over your front leg and shift your hip toward the side. Back foot is on your toes, with ~70% of your weight now on your front leg. Reach your front arm straight overhead.

You should feel a tension stretch through side of your hip.

Complete 8 reps, 3x each leg

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Increase Your Mid-Back Mobility With These Three Exercises

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Increase Your Mid-Back Mobility With These Three Exercises

The thoracic spine, also known as the middle back, is the middle section of the back, where our ribcage connects and helps protect our organs.

Functional mobility in the middle back (mid-back) is essential. A lack of mid back mobility over time can be a significant factor of improper breathing techniques, neck pain, low back pain, and shoulder pain. Those who are most at risk for losing thoracic motion include office workers, professional drivers, new moms, or anyone sustaining poor postures.

Maximizing your mid back mobility is the first step in overcoming mid back stiffness. The more you can build new movements into your daily routine, the sooner you will feel better. The second step is building control in those directions, adding strength and familiarity to those movements.

To help increase the mobility of your mid-back, try these three exercises.

Standing Rib Cage Rotation

Start position Stand in a mini lunge. Raise the arm on the same side as your front leg to shoulder height and the opposite arm straight above your head.

Rotate the ribs as far as you can towards the front leg. Keep legs and arms in the same position.

End position After 3-5 seconds, rotate back to starting position.

Complete 8-10 times on both sides, 2-3 times daily.

Standing Thoracic Extension With Double Arm Reach
Standing Ribcage Rotation

Start position Stand in a mini lunge. Arms long by side. Tuck bottom under to limit lower back movement.

End position Raise both arms and lift chest upwards to extend mid back.

Complete 5 times on both sides, 2-3 times daily.

Side Bend Stretch
Girl stretching her back
Start position Stand in a mini lunge. Lace hands behind neck at base of neck, keep elbows wide.

End position Lift one elbow up to the ceiling. Allow ribcage to tilt to one side. Feel stretch between ribs and pelvis.

Complete 5 times on both sides, 2-3 times daily.