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Our Expert Therapists are here to prevent injuries.

+1 (647) 952-8216 55 Avenue Road , Toronto, ON M5R 3L2
  • Monday- Friday 7am-8pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm
  • Christmas Eve (Dec 24) 9am-2pm
  • Christmas Day (Dec 25) & Boxing Day (Dec 26) Closed
  • Tuesday Dec 27 10am-6pm
  • Wednesday Dec 28 8am-8pm
  • Thursday Dec 29 8am-6pm
  • Friday Dec 30 10am-6pm
  • Saturday Dec 31 9am-3pm
  • Sunday Jan 1 Closed


60 minute full body assessment with a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or Registered Massage Therapist to determine the root cause of any discomfort.



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  • Posture and movement assessment
  • Myofascial treatment
  • Corrective exercises
  • Full body re-assessment
  • Personalized action plan

Physiotherapy & Chiropractics

Treatment by Physiotherapists or Chiropractors designed to address specific issues or pain points to get you back to what you love.

60 min

30 min

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  • Myofascial treatment
  • Corrective exercises
  • Joint Mobilizations & Adjustments
  • Dry Needling / Acupuncture (Physio Only)

Massage Therapy

Treatment by Registered Massage Therapists, who are experts in manual therapy practice especially in myofascial techniques.

60 min

30 min

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  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Myofascial Techniques
  • Corrective Exercises

How do I choose which therapist is right for me?

Our therapists also specialize in specific injuries, sports, and have various treatment certifications. You can either choose a therapist based on the time that’s convenient for you or read through each therapists’ profile to find someone who has the requirements you need.

Can I use my health insurance plan?

Yes, our therapists are licensed physiotherapists, chiropractors, and registered massage therapists and we bill directly to most major health insurance providers. Please check with your insurance provider to see if a doctor’s referral letter is required before you book your session.


We aim to provide an exceptional experience for our clients every day. My team and I are here to answer any questions you may have about your visit with us.
Christine K.General Manager
<strong>Christine K.</strong>General Manager

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