Abbey Nevin

Registered Massage Therapist

Abbey Nevin

Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Abbey, a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) based in Waterloo, Ontario, inspired by a family connection to the profession through her grandmother. Abbey’s passion for anatomy and kinesiology during school solidified her desire to pursue a career in healthcare.

After backpacking through Europe and Asia, Abbey’s love for travel cemented her choice of massage therapy as her career path. With two and a half years of full-time practice as an RMT in Waterloo, Abbey prioritizes patient-centered care and strives to create a safe, inclusive environment where patients actively participate in achieving their goals.

Believing in the importance of patient education, Abbey empowers individuals to make informed healthcare decisions. Passionate about tailoring treatments, she draws from formal education and continuous learning from fellow practitioners.

Specializing in desk workers, pre/post-natal care, TMJ, and weekend warriors, Abbey is dedicated to providing personalized treatments. Beyond the massage table, you’ll find her hiking, crafting in the pottery studio, or immersed in a good book. Susan embodies a holistic approach to healthcare, combining a passion for learning with a commitment to individualized patient well-being.

Special interests

  • Pre & Post-natal Care
  • TMJ
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Desk Workers


  • Diploma of Massage Therapy
  • Thai Massage Level 1 & 2

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