Allison Kryskow

Interim Physiotherapist

Allison Kryskow

Interim Physiotherapist

Meet Allison, a dedicated physiotherapist whose journey evolved from a love for movement and dance. Originally a fine arts major in dance, she transitioned to kinesiology, inspired by a course on dance injuries. Allison’s passion deepened during three years as a student therapist with the University of Alberta Women’s Hockey team, steering her toward sports physiotherapy, particularly in hockey, rugby, and AFL.

At the core of Allison’s approach is empowering patients with tools for self-management. Her holistic method blends education, targeted exercises, pain relief techniques, and hands-on therapy. Allison holds certifications in foot and ankle care, dry needling, women’s health physiotherapy, and Level 1 Sports Trainer from Sport Medicine Australia.

Noteworthy roles include Lead Student Therapist for the University of Alberta Women’s Hockey team and Physiotherapist for Bond University Rugby and Palm Beach Currumbin AFL teams. These experiences solidified Allison’s expertise and genuine connection with athletes.

Beyond the clinic, Allison enjoys hiking, running, and snowboarding, balancing her professional intensity with family time and leisure activities like playing cards. Committed to ongoing learning, Allison’s journey embodies the seamless blend of artistry and science in the pursuit of optimal health and movement.

Special interests

  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Australian Football
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Concussions


  • Musculoskeletal Segmental Layering Dry Needling
  • APA Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy Level 1
  • Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Level 1 – Part A
  • Sport Medicine Australia: Level 1 Sports Trainer
  • Foot and Ankle in Sport and Dance: Sue Mayes – Physiotherapist for the Australian Ballet

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