Guneet Dhaliwal

Interim Physiotherapist

Guneet Dhaliwal

Interim Physiotherapist

Guneet holds a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of British Columbia, which followed her prior experience as a kinesiologist. Her background in sports, including soccer and kickboxing, has greatly influenced her approach to patient care.

She is dedicated to offering patient-centered treatments, incorporating manual techniques and active rehabilitation strategies to enhance performance and functionality. A key aspect of her practice is educating and empowering her clients throughout their rehabilitation journeys.

Beyond her professional life, Guneet maintains an active lifestyle through activities like running, hiking, soccer, and gym workouts. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing board games and exploring new donut and coffee spots, showcasing her diverse interests and passion for both physical fitness and leisurely pursuits. Is speaks and is fluent in Punjabi.

Special interests

  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Desk Workers


  • Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal (AIM) Level 1

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