Helena Petrovic

Registered Massage Therapist

Helena Petrovic

Registered Massage Therapist

Helena, once a pastry cook and baker, turned to massage therapy after facing burnout and injury in the food industry. This shift wasn’t just a career change but a calling to understand the human body and aid others in their recovery journeys. Her education at the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy provided her with a profound understanding of how to support those dealing with issues like low back pain, posture problems, and the specific needs of weight lifters and runners, employing a blend of manual therapy techniques and functional exercises.

With a holistic therapeutic approach, Helena treats her patients as whole beings, integrating insights into their lifestyles, personalities, and self-relationships to tailor personalized therapy plans. She believes in the body’s innate intelligence and its capability to communicate its needs, emphasizing education so patients can actively participate in their own care.

Outside the therapy room, Helena maintains her connection to food through cooking and farmers’ markets, alongside a commitment to weights, mobility training, yoga, and breathwork. Her journey from the kitchen to the clinic embodies her passion for wellness and self-improvement, showcasing her dedication to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

Special interests

  • Low Back Pain
  • Posture
  • Pre/Post natal
  • Weightlifting
  • Running

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