Dr. Mackenzie Velocci


Dr. Mackenzie Velocci


Mackenzie Velocci is a licensed Chiropractor at Myodetox. From a young age, Mackenzie had a fascination with the human body and a desire to understand how it functions. She always had an interest in healthcare, but chiropractic as a career and passion surfaced during a placement in undergrad at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Mackenzie’s decision to become a chiropractor was driven by a combination of factors, including a passion for helping others, personal experiences, and an interest in health and wellness.

Her approach to chiropractic is holistic, emphasizing the treatment of the whole person, not just the symptoms. Mackenzie believes in providing individualized, evidence-based care that focuses on self-empowerment and education. Her patient base is diverse, including athletes, weekend warriors, desk workers, and young individuals.

Apart from her clinical expertise, Mackenzie also serves as a Peer Mentor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, demonstrating her dedication to advancing the chiropractic profession and supporting the growth of future practitioners. Outside the clinic, you’ll find her swimming in the pooling, lifting in the gym, and pursuing cooking and baking.

Special interests

  • Athletes
  • Pediatrics and Adolescents
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Desk Workers

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