Marco de Leon

Registered Massage Therapist

Marco de Leon

Registered Massage Therapist

Marco de Leon is a Massage Therapist who blends his personal training background into his massage practice. He starts each session with a comprehensive assessment to understand his clients’ specific needs, whether it’s for injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement, or general maintenance. This approach allows him to target the root causes of pain, not just the symptoms.

In each session, Marco collaborates with clients to create a customized treatment plan, integrating massage therapy with targeted exercises. This ensures long-lasting benefits and improvement in bodily function. As an avid golfer with a keen understanding of the sport’s demands, Marco is especially skilled in assisting golfers with managing physical challenges related to their game.

Additionally, Marco’s experience as a personal trainer positions him well to help gym enthusiasts, whether they’re recovering from injuries or addressing mobility issues. His diverse sporting background, including basketball, football, volleyball, and snowboarding, further enhances his ability to relate to and effectively treat a wide range of clients.

At Myodetox, Marco is a massage therapist who’s truly dedicated to helping his clients achieve their health and performance goals through a personalized and informed approach to massage therapy.

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