Megan D’Souza

Physiotherapy Resident

Megan D’Souza

Physiotherapy Resident

Megan’s educational foundation in physiotherapy is robust, with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Minor in French Language from the University of Toronto, followed by a Master of Physiotherapy with Distinction from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her journey into physiotherapy was inspired by her own injury experiences, leading to a passionate career dedicated to helping others overcome similar challenges. Megan’s empathetic approach and belief in a holistic treatment philosophy drive her to create personalized recovery plans for her clients, focusing on areas from dancers and circus athletes to chronic pain management.

Her treatment strategy emphasizes preventative measures alongside rehabilitation, aiming for long-lasting health benefits. Specializing in a diverse range of fields, Megan tailors her methods to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring meaningful progress and outcomes.

Beyond her professional expertise, Megan’s interests in music and aerial dance reflect her holistic perspective on wellness. This combination of clinical skill, personal experience, and artistic passion makes her a dynamic and compassionate physiotherapist, committed to guiding her clients through their recovery journeys with care and understanding.

Special interests

  • Dancers & Circus
  • Women’s Health
  • Recreational Athletes
  • Desk Workers
  • Chronic Pain

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