Piper Ferguson


Piper Ferguson


Piper is a dedicated Physiotherapist with a passion for movement. Whether it’s moving herself, or helping people regain their ability to move, she loves being part of keeping people active. As a competitive swimmer and snowboarder, Piper faced numerous injuries and experienced firsthand the transformative power of physiotherapy. Inspired by this, she is now committed to providing the same support to her patients.

In Australia, Piper used clinical Pilates to help clients achieve long-term pain relief and build strong bodies. She has experience with reformers, Cadillac tables, and multi-chairs, allowing her to tailor her approach to individual needs. As a certified Pilates instructor, Piper expertly guides her clients toward their health and fitness goals.

In her free time, Piper enjoys exploring with her dog, reading, and spending quality time with friends. Her diverse interests and experiences make her a compassionate and effective physiotherapist for swimmers and recreational athletes alike.

Special interests

  • Swimming
  • Pilates
  • Recreational Athletes


  • Certified Pilates Instructor

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