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A Statement from our Founders

Five years ago, we opened our doors because we sought to make a difference in people’s lives. We had a small team of therapists who were obsessively committed to educating people on the science behind their bodies and the importance of taking care of it.

Since our earliest days, our guiding belief has been that when you’re able to move freely, without any pain or restrictions, it unlocks the ability to live a fulfilled and happier life.

Throughout the journey of life, all of us often forget to take care of ourselves and be kind to our bodies, and yet today more than ever, health is truly our only wealth. It affords us the time to build moments that matter with our families, and it allows us the freedom to chase our dreams. We owe it to ourselves to prioritize our health so that we can take care of those who mean the world to us.

We understand firsthand what everyone is experiencing — it’s a confusing time, and nothing could have prepared us for how COVID-19 has impacted our team, partners, along with our local and global community. Despite everything, we remain incredibly hopeful about the future. We understand there’s a bumpy road ahead for all of us. But we’ve learned over the years that the resilience of the human race will not allow this trying time to be our defining moment. We know this because our therapists have been fortunate to be part of people’s journeys, of continually helping our clients and friends overcome adversity day after day, and we’ve seen firsthand how they continuously rise to the challenge. Even in today’s unprecedented reality, our trust in that belief has not wavered.

With deep consideration of everything that is going on, we’ll always prioritize the health of our team and clinic community and have decided to keep our locations closed until it’s a safe time to reopen.

Throughout the closure, we’ve continued to provide complimentary quality care to our existing clients through our Virtual Sessions, and we’ve decided to extend this same offer to their close family and friends (Canada only).

We don’t know what is next, but we know our team and community have a shared belief that we will all come out of this better.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued patience and support, and while we currently remain apart, we are confident we can get through this together.