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Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program

The Myodetox Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program exists to support and develop the leaders of the future in the healthcare industry, with an immediate focus on supporting students from the Black and Indigenous communities and a long-term vision of supporting students from the wider BIPOC community.

Our goal is to make our profession as diverse as the society we serve and to empower students with the skills and mindsets to become champions of wellness within their local communities.

Through a combination of $2,000 of financial support towards tuition and hands-on mentorship from business and clinical leaders at Myodetox, graduates of the six-month Emerging Leaders program will be well-positioned to create impact and positive change in their community from Day one of their careers. For this first cohort this program is open to Black and Indigenous students who have been accepted or are currently attending physical therapy or chiropractic programs within the United States or Canada. Five students will be accepted in this first cohort.

Applications are now open until November 3rd, 2023.



Throughout the six-month program, successful applicants will work with the various mentors in the program on the following topics:

The Black Experience in Healthcare
Roundtable discussion with healthcare industry leaders from the Black and Indigenous communities sharing their insights and experiences as they navigated the challenges of race in an underrepresented space.

Critical Thinking in Clinical Outcomes
Unpacking frameworks and thought process in patient care and how to leverage informed assessments to generate favorable results for your patients.

Principles of Manual Therapy & Movement
Understanding the principles and intent behind manual fascial work and exercise selection and its impact on creating an environment primed for increasing resiliency.

Caseload Development and Management
Analyzing the patient journey and understanding proven strategies around patient acquisition and patient retention.

Brand Development and Community Involvement
A framework to build a strong brand presence and leveraging that to create an engaging audience of brand ambassadors.

Financial Literacy and Career Planning
Unlocking the basics of personal finances and outlining professional goals as a healthcare provider.

Do you have questions?
If you have any additional inquiries, please email us at emergingleaders@myodetox.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Please Note:
Eligibility in this program is for students from the Black and Indigenous communities. Over time, the Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program will be expanded to be fully inclusive of the wider BIPOC community and ultimately all equity-seeking groups at large as program resources and capacity allows.