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Kevin Marryshow on Developing His Team

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Kevin Marryshow on Developing His Team

If you asked Kevin Marryshow what’s the most significant thing he learned while working at Myodetox, it would be one thing – his personal development.

His career has evolved as a Chiropractor, Clinic Director and now a Regional Director, overseeing the entire Toronto Region. While it was a curvy road in the beginning, learning all the nuances of the business has helped him develop a clear roadmap to fast-track his team’s career much quicker than it took him.

Since he began his career at Myodetox, his goal as a therapist was always to empower his clients. But today, that idea has evolved to helping his team realize their potential to fulfill their broader aspirations.

What about the Myodetox culture do you enjoy the most?
What I enjoy most about our culture is that there is this mutual feeling across the company that truly values personal development. Everybody on our team is in pursuit of personal growth, and the support system is there to help foster that initiative.

Describe your growth as a Therapist, Clinic Director and now a Regional Director?
You can say that my career came in phases. I dedicated my first four years as a Therapist in developing my clinical skills and carving out unique value to my clients. From that, I got to a point where I started to find a deep interest in business models, which led me to the Clinic Director role and now years later, as the Regional Director. Over the last three years, my primary attention has shifted to gain a better understanding of our business and the wellness industry. Today, I’m better equipped to help mentor and coach our therapists and put them in the best possible position to succeed.

What has growing a community taught you?
I’ve learned that a strong community is the centrepiece of any brand, be it yourself as a therapist, or the company itself. As therapists, we have a unique opportunity to connect with our clients on a personal level, and along the way, help them achieve their goals. Building a bond with them and learning how to foster that relationship is a fulfilling experience.

What are you most proud of during your time at Myodetox?
I’m most proud of my team and their desire to grow every day. Developing people is a North Star within our culture, and you can feel that energy throughout our team, it’s contagious. It takes a certain attitude to want to make an impact on peoples’ lives and push for positive change in our industry. I’m always proud to see my peers grow and progress, and it drives me to work harder each day to provide them with the support they need.