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Jessie Wong Wanted To Be More Than A Therapist

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Jessie Wong Wanted To Be More Than A Therapist

Running a business as a Physical Therapist isn’t taught in school. That’s why Vancouver Regional Director Jessie Wong committed to work with a team that will help develop her skills as a therapist and an entrepreneur.

Her path while working at Myodetox has not only helped shape her career, but she has inspired her team to believe in themselves. She has worn many hats throughout her career – Therapist, Clinic Director, Regional Director, and Clinic Partner – and her hard work have shown that if you don’t give up, anything is possible.

Early on in your career, how has Myodetox helped develop your clinical skills?
Myodetox helped me with my clinical skills five to six years into my career when I joined. I wish I learned some of the manual skills earlier on in my career as it would have helped me as a therapist.

How has Myodetox helped achieve your personal goals?
What I learned the most was how to preserve through the hard times and the times where I didn’t think I could achieve those goals.

You not only elevated your skills as a Therapist, you learned the other side of the business – what has been the most challenging and rewarding part?
The most challenging thing has been working in such a fast-paced environment. There are so many things that can change in such a short period. Somethings in life are out of your control and learning to let go and having a positive outlook has been monumental in getting through those hard times.

What is your five-year career goal?
My five-year goal is to make Myodetox the top choice for health and therapy. I would also love to have some of my teammates step into my role and allow them to learn the strategies of a regional position. By helping others grow into a more senior role, this will enable us to grow and connect with more communities who need therapy.